Checking in…

I’ve been struggling with writing lately and sometimes I feel that I’m wasting time. I am seriously forcing myself to sit and write this, so bear with me.

Birthday came and went. Got a spiffy new set of wheels for my road bike! I’m stoked! 

On another note, sometimes I hate the fact that I’m not more of a people person. But then sometimes I sit quietly, observing people and I just can’t believe what I’m seeing. I tell ya, whatever extra-terrestrial life has been here, probably didn’t stay long! 

We are killing each other over stupid shit like the last discounted television at Big Box Mart (or “My God is mightier than your God”)! And some of this happens right after giving thanks for whatever the hell it is someone who shops at those stores is thankful for! Just kidding, I totally shop at Big Box Mart! Just not that day. I mean, where else can you stuff your shopping cart with Hot Pockets and Beer while someone rotates your car tires?

There have been times when I am walking, and suddenly another person approaches, my anxiety kicks in, and I nervously offer a greeting. When the greeting is accepted and I get a response, I actually get excited and think to myself  “I have effectively communicated with another human!” Some people view this as a problem. I see it as an accomplishment!

Then there are those days when I hide from the doorbell because what kind of inconsiderate twat waffle shows up unannounced?!? I mean at least a text message would ease my mind! “Oh, it was just UPS.” Well it could have just as easily been a lunatic,(or worse- a Jehova’s Witness) but whatever.

There are times that I just want to be left alone. I don’t want to speak to anyone, see anyone or watch the news. It’s all rubbish nowadays anyhow! All televised and most print news is more concerned about what the audience wants than what is actually news! There are Emmy-award winning news anchors and Pulitzer-prize seeking journalists! There should be zero awards given for reporting the freaking news! It’s news! News should not be entertaining! Click-bait should be banned from news websites… just sayin’.

I miss this. I miss sitting in silence with my laptop and maybe the cat. Abby has really surprised me over the years. She came to us about 8 years ago as a kitten that my wife accepted from a friend. Tiny gray tabby. I never liked cats, but Abby was sweet. And she loved attention, which was strange for any cat I had ever been around. She’s grown up as the most self-sufficient companion I think I’ve ever known. Abby has ruined her share of leather furniture, but that cat was always courteous enough to only scratch the backs of the chair or sofa. So polite! She is stealthily stalking our derpy Pomeranian as I write. Oh how I’ve grown to love that cat! I’m sure she will short-circuit his single, remaining brain cell. That dog seriously barks at me EVERY time I enter the house and I’m sure it’s because his brain just can’t handle the overload of information! He’s lived with us for three years! He knows me! Stupid dog.

Back to this introvert thing… if I don’t want to talk to you 




One thought on “Checking in…

  1. I know exactly what you mean. I am an external extrovert, I play the part at workk, but it takes everything out of me. So when I get home, I really don’t want to talk to anyone other than my family – and I absolutely despise when the doorbell rings. Luckily we have one of those Ring doorbells, so I can just talk to the potential invader from my couch, I don’t actually have to get up and face them!!!

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