5 Things You May Not Know About Texas! (Even if you do, keep reading!)

Texas is not just a haven, it’s a state of mind. When you’re here, you have to understand that it is not at all weird to wave to strangers or make small talk in the liquor store. Even less strange to see someone walking down a farm to market road carrying a shotgun or rifle! I have done some foot-work for ya’ll and compiled a list of things that most other folks (non-Texans) may find interesting.

  1. Texas really was bigger! (This is bragged about for a reason) At least until Alaska was allowed statehood in 1959, I mean Texas is still the largest of the lower 48! Among other claims to being the biggest, the Texas State Capital Building in Austin is seven feet taller than the National Capital Building in D.C. That’s right, my capital dome is bigger than yours!
  2. Texas is like a whole other country! Probably because it actually was another country! From 1836 to 1845, Texas was its own Republic where Sam Houston was the first President of The Republic of Texas (POTRT just doesn’t have the same ring to it). Texas was annexed to the Union under treaty in 1845 and granted statehood. To this day, Texas continues to make the United States awesome! You’re welcome!
  3. Dallas/Ft. Worth International  Airport is really big! Second only to Denver Int’l Airport in acreage, DFW Airport is massive enough that it has its own post office and zip code! Something Denver Airport cannot brag about! DFW Int’l also has its own police, fire and emergency medical services.
  4. It’s called Tex-Mex, look it up!  That’s right, Texas has its own food! I know that foodie culture can vary in every locale, but Tex-mex is the Texas version of authentic Mexican food, only better! Most of the dishes have many ingredients in common, but stuff like cheese is added to tacos, because TEXAS! Come to think of it, all the dishes are pretty much the same stuff (tortillas, meat and cheese), just arranged in a different order of deliciousness!
  5. One word… TEXUCATION! So many states mandate their public schools to teach their own state history. These are usually done in grade school and if it’s offered later in highschool, it’s almost always an elective. Not here! You studied Indiana State History in the fourth grade? Isn’t that cute. What did you do? Color maps? Texas State History is mandated and engrained throughout childhood and well into grown up-hood! We learn about the Alamo by shouting “REMEMBER THE ALAMO!!!” We learn about the Frio River by floating in tubular floatation devices! We learn about the largest pink granite rock by climbing Enchanted Rock for school field trips! And we learn about being courteous to strangers by waving to everyone we see (especially while driving)!

Texas Pride is not just a sayin’. It’s a state of mind. It’s in our genes, and it’s in the air. Once you cross that Texas border and get a whiff of the Wolf Brand Chili, you’ll understand. In the words of Gary P. Nunn “What I Like About Texas?” “I could tell ya’ but we’d be here all night long!”


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