Everybody has a plan, until the Wi-Fi lags!

How old is “too old” to ride a bicycle? I am of the firm belief that as long as you can, you should. But…what if I’m wrong? What if I am just this delusional idiot wandering around thinking that at my age, I can still be a totally rad mountain bike trail king? Can I… Continue reading Everybody has a plan, until the Wi-Fi lags!


When do I call in the “White Coats?”

I was always suspicious that my kids were weird, but now I have confirmed this shit. My own fault really. I’m pretty sure it comes from my parents. I walked into the kitchen a while back and witnessed what I thought was a sweet moment. I observed my daughter (Maggie) standing and staring into space,… Continue reading When do I call in the “White Coats?”

Heated Seats and Other Mysteries. 

So I was carting the kiddos to school when the topic of heated car seats came up (our current grocery-hauler has none). While reminiscing about the luxury of having”bun warmers” the following conversation ensued: Me: “I miss heated seats.  They were my favorite on cold mornings. The next car we get will most definitely have… Continue reading Heated Seats and Other Mysteries.