What Is This “Old” and How Do I Get Rid of It?

I was thinking about something the other day that really felt strange… I am getting old! When did this happen and who can I blame? Am I alone in this? Surely not.

I am not even joking about this! I have always felt young. Hell, sometimes I still feel young! I have always been told I look young for my age. I knew something was amiss when I stopped getting carded at the liquor store!

I often tell my wife that I really cannot believe we have children (or bills or responsibilities, etc). We have children and have somehow managed to keep these kiddos alive and well! Oh and they are thriving, too!

I changed employers a few years ago. I went to work on a college campus. This is when I really started to notice things had changed. 

Suddenly, I am being called “Sir” way too much. This is uncomfortable, but I understand they are only trying to be respectful. I also understand that they think I am old and moldy! These “kids” that I walk among now throw glances my way that clearly suggest they think I am old! REALLY?!? I am not okay with this feeling! Keep your sideways glances to yourselves! Thank you and shut up!

How do I keep my “oldness” at bay? Is this a possibility? I’m not ready to get old. I will try to stop dwelling on this. Hopefully. No promises.



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