Think I’ll Start A Blog…


Photo by:  Encinalense 

So I think I’ll start a blog. Not sure what I’ll blog about, but I feel that I have a LOT of pent-up, frustrated, blog type stuff that seriously needs an outlet. 

I mean, between a screwed up childhood (you think yours was bad?) and a quasi-sucessful career as a police officer, I should be able to lay out some pretty funny, and sometimes sarcastic stories. I wish I could make stuff like this up. Just prepare to read some crazy shit. 

You will soon realize that, while the grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, it is in fact, actually dead. I’m talking total mirage here folks. And trust me, I’ve been on both sides. Literally. Fence was a piece of shit, I just walked over it, but I digress. 

Get ready for your regular dose of my point of view from somewhere over that fence. 


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