This Is Me

Hello all,

I am writing this to follow up on my teaser from last week. I want to take a minute to introduce my readers to the mess they will get themselves into.

I was raised by a couple of stoners and as far I know only one of them was an alcoholic. My mother was an over bearing, ignorant and simple piece of work who sucked at life. My step-father was amazingly equal in  ignorance about decision making that involved certain life skills such as financial priorities and shelter. Both of them proudly admit though that neither of their children have ever been arrested. Which is kind of a big deal in my family.

We moved a lot. I’m talking middle-of-the-night, skipping out on the rent. Mostly from shit-style ghetto-ass apartments or trailer houses to motel rooms and even spent about six months living in a car. I later learned that my step-father just didn’t pay bills. Rent, car payments, utility bills, you name it, he defaulted on it.

I recall being rejected for electricity service for my first apartment. As it turned out he had used my name and social security number to open an electric account years prior, which he promptly defaulted on. So yeah. I had to pay off his debt before I could even start mine! Thanks, jerk!

I was the only person in my immediate family, and one of only a handful from my extended family, to graduate from high school. My younger brother dropped out (with little discouragement from our parents). After a GED class he went on to be a productive member of society. 

After high school, I drunkenly stumbled my way across Texas and into the heart of a woman that made me believe I could do anything! That was exciting! Growing up, I always thought stuff like college and houses on foundations were for the wealthy. Jamie taught me that community college could help anyone land a lower middle-class life style and purchase (through crippling debt) the “American Dream.

Somehow, I managed to avoid trouble, get an education and actually land a 14 year and counting career in law enforcement. Huh.


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