Texas Chupacabra Rescue Foundation

For too long, these precocious, rat-dog-looking cuties with faces that frankly, not even their own mothers’ could love, have wandered aimlessly around south Texas. 

Where did they come from? How and why did they choose Texas as their home? Are they illegal aliens that will need to be deported? Do they have or need jobs? Who knows! But it should be our business to find out!

Currently there are approximately three homeless, scared Chupacabra’s searching endlessly for their permanent homes. These animals desperately need to spayed or neutered, as our vets have yet to catch one to perform those operations.

There is a growing urge to control the Chupacabra population in Texas! 
Together, we can preserve and control our happy, misunderstood, mangy friends!

Won’t you help a Chupacabra today? Donate or adopt now! 



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