Just Be Nice!

Why are people assholes? Rather, why do people believe that they have the inalienable right to be such assholes? I was reading a story of a woman whose Facebook post went viral because she was insulted by another woman wearing a “Coexist” t-shirt! That’s like getting arrested wearing a shirt that says “Guilty as Charged,” which totally happened, folks, I cannot make this stuff up!

This woman was wearing what appeared to be a nice, summery-looking white top and some denim shorts. I saw the photo and thought she looked absolutely great, especially since she had likely been running errands and was standing in line at a UPS store waiting to send out a package. According to the story, a woman complimented the lady on her hair and then after glancing down, the lady actually said “You should rethink those shorts.” Really? The chick wearing the “Coexist” shirt was being judgy?!?

People need to stop being jerks! If you choose to insult someone, at least take that human-freaking-being’s feelings into consideration and do it later where they won’t hear you! Likely by that time, you will have forgotten about whatever petty garbage you thought you were upset about.

I understand that might be difficult for some people because of this whole “It’s a free country thing and I can say whatever I want whenever and wherever I want.” Okay, sure. Keep telling yourself that and then go yell “BOMB!” while standing in your favorite airport. Or just go to a bank teller and quietly instruct them to “put the money in a bag.” All just words until acted upon right? I want to make something clear. Your “rights” end where my “rights” begin! You may feel that you have the right to be a jackass, but I also have the right to throat-punch you for impeding my daily routine with your jackass ways!

Freedom of speech is so you can shit-talk your government officials without being imprisoned, not so you can toss petty insults at someone who does not deserve to deal with your small mindedness.

We are all people. This horse has been beat and was long ago deceased, but it’s true. We are all people. We all bleed red. I don’t need to believe in some sky-dwelling, omnipotent entity to understand that no matter what your skin color, spoken language, love interests or why you voluntarily drive a Prius, we are all human and we all have feelings.

I feel obligated here to counter this whole thing by adding that there are some very bad, scary people out there. People who for whatever reason will not observe this “Coexist” campaign and they will stop at nothing to destroy the very foundation that supports our world. Those people are lobbyists. That’s right. These “lobbyists” are not really people at all. In fact, I believe they are sub-human piles of waste that clog our nation’s arteries with senseless acts of “lobbying” for what they claim is “the right thing.” Google it. There is a common goal among these scumbags and it is to conquer and destroy what little democracy is left in this country! They are NOT human and need to be eradicated at once! I am officially calling for a lobbyist-free zone that encompasses the whole nation! Who’s with me?


PS  Just kidding. I mean, lobbyists are indeed scum, but I was serious about everyone just being nice and doing the right thing. Why is that so hard? (That’s what she said)!


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