Being Poor Used to Suck

Growing up in various boroughs in and around┬áDallas, I wasn’t keenly aware of my social status until I was around 11 years old. It was then that I realized exactly how poor my family was. I just always assumed that drive-by shootings, german cockroaches and used┬ádrug needles were problems that everyone dealt with. I never… Continue reading Being Poor Used to Suck

Texas Chupacabra Rescue Foundation

For too long, these precocious, rat-dog-looking cuties with faces that frankly, not even their own mothers’ could love, have wandered aimlessly around south Texas.  Where did they come from? How and why did they choose Texas as their home? Are they illegal aliens that will need to be deported? Do they have or need jobs?… Continue reading Texas Chupacabra Rescue Foundation

Idiosyncratic Point of View

So I have this teeny-tiny idiosyncrasy. I drive with my side view mirrors adjusted to show as much of the world around me as possible (See the two bottom pics).      I don’t understand why people want to be able to look at the side of their car while they are driving (see the two… Continue reading Idiosyncratic Point of View

Life doesn’t get easier…You have to get better at it!

So, not to come off sounding all inspirational and shit, that’s not what I want this to be. I actually don’t have an end-game here, other than providing entertainment through the haunting memories that are my child-hood.   I mean, who am I to inspire anyone? I’m just some dude who was wandering around aimlessly until… Continue reading Life doesn’t get easier…You have to get better at it!